Automatic Putting- Best putting tips, how to putt better

Automatic Putting- Best putting tips, how to putt betterClick Image To Visit SiteIt took the frustrations of an average golfer to discover a simple method to better putting. Because I didn’t have a lot of time, I needed something simple and repeatable that didn’t take hours of practice to master. After years of struggling and trying different methods and putters (I could open a golf store with the putters I have bought that failed to improve my putting), I invented a unique method for controlling my putts that was simple, effective, and most of all, eliminated "feel" and replaced it with a scientific method of controlling distance allowing me to sink more putts. This method is easily learned, it will take all of an hour or two to read the book and practice the methods, and is simple to implement. With one reading and some simple practice techniques that are outlined in the book, you will improve your putting forever!!

This is not the same old tired rehash but new scientific methods to employ immediately, 13 chapters filled with useful information and revolutionary ideas. You will learn secrets such as:

If you struggle with distance control then this is the book for you. You will learn this revolutionary secret to distance control not found anywhere else. This method is completely unique. It doesn’t require hours of practice to get the "feel" for various distances but instead uses a scientific method to allow you to calibrate your stroke so that you can putt to any distance necessary, every time, regardless of the speed of the greens. Imagine stepping up to any putt and knowing exactly how hard to stroke it to make it go the distance needed. This single secret will drop 5-8 strokes per round immediately!

Best of all these methods can be practiced on any surface, including your living room… Read more…