Ben Hogan and Moe Norman Swing Secrets – Purchase Secret in the Dirt

Ben Hogan and Moe Norman Swing Secrets -   Purchase Secret in the DirtClick Image To Visit SiteMany have tried to uncover the secrets behind the swings of Ben Hogan and Moe Norman. Today, you will learn those secrets. To date I’ve shared my theories about the golf swing with hundreds of thousands of people. After a very positive response, I’ve decide to let the Hogan Secret out.

Hundreds of thousands of golfers have seen the Sevam1 Youtube videos, as well as the GolfWRX thread. I’ve decided to put together everything I know into a concise, easy to read e-book, Secret in the Dirt.

The results have been nothing short of amazing. Some have called me “The Backyard Moe.” Others have called me”Moegan” because my swing looks like a hybrid of the actions of legendary ballstrikers Ben Hogan and Moe Norman.

I started spilling the beans to a guy known to the golf community now as “Cameraman.” I told him about everything I had learned about hitting it pure. Things I have never told anyone…

I started talking about studying Ben Hogan and Lee Trevino and Peter Thomson and Harry Vardon and Henry Cotton and on and on.

Then I told him about playing 18 holes with Moe Norman and all of the little things that I had talked to Moe about not just that day but on the many occasions when I would chat with him while he packed up his car after clinics throughout Ontario and also in Florida.

When this stuff all started coming out he ran to his house and got his video camera. The rest is YouTube history, I guess…

To my surprise it felt pretty good to share so I kept making more videos to help other people through YouTube.

I also started blogging about the great players and instructors and participating in golf forums like… Read more…