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Finally Down The Middle - Scratch Golf SchoolClick Image To Visit SiteProfessional instructors and players have debated a secret for decades. They have attempted to explain how the best ball strikers on the PGA and LPGA Tours hit the ball long and straight, without much effort. Experts call it the magic move, the one move that is consistent with every great player.

Scratch Golf School believes the most important move in golf is the first move on the downswing. It is the initial transfer from backswing to downswing that sets the club in the correct delivery position before impact. By using the move correctly you will see extraordinary results, such as more power and accuracy off the tee.

Your not to blame if you’ve been endlessly searching for the right club or training aid for your swing. The club manufacturing and training aid industries have smothered us with so much false advertising we’ve been brainwashed. Their marketing schemes have convinced us that equipment is the most important aspet of the game. But I got news for you, your eqiupment has very little to do with your results. Read more…