Get Down In Two

Get Down In TwoClick Image To Visit SiteEver struggled in the past with putting? Ever feel like you’re wasting away shots with the putter? 

Hi, my name is Thomas Caley and I’m here to teach you how to QUICKLY LEARN AND MASTER a super solid and consistent putting system that will transform your game on the green.

I devised this overall putting system to be simple, easy to learn, repeatable under pressure AND totally reliable.

That’s because it’s designed mainly for people like me: mid or higher handicap golfers who love the game and want to be the best they can on the occasions they play!

I’ll tell you…and this is the incredible beauty of the whole system you’re about to discover…

Although I dearly love playing golf, I’m no expert when it comes to my overall game. I won’t be threatening the PGA Tour rankings anytime soon!

However, through careful focussed practice and the development of a simple bulletproof putting system, I can now putt almost as well as a PGA Tour pro.

The average putts per round on the PGA Tour is around 32. These days I’m disappointed if I take more than 33 or 34 putts per round.

That’s me, but what about you? Well, here’s the bottom line: No matter what level of golfer you are, YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS TOO. I’ll show you…

Here’s a handful of scorecards from recent rounds. I’ve highlighted for you the number of putts I took per hole:

As you can see, I’m not immune to the odd three-putt…who is in the game of golf?! But overall my putting average sticks to 33-34 putts per round, an amazing crutch to lean on on my bad days, and a… Read more…