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Get a golf swing biomechanics analysis with personalized fault solutions. The Get Fit to Golf philosophy is: "Better Body, Better Golfâ„¢".

The ChiroFitâ„¢ Program is the only one of it’s kind online that is totally tailormade to each golfer’s body. It’s not a generic fitness program. It’s your own personalized golf biomechanics training solution. Try it to believe it!

My family has been teaching Golf for over 70 years, I watched my Father teach Amputees, Disabled and the Blind to play Golf. He always said to me, Son you must know everything about your student before you begin each lesson. If you don’t know a student has a bad back, Neck, knee, hip, foot, wrist or hand problem you could do them more damage when giving a lesson…

… There is a lot more to teaching a client a Stack and Tilt Golf Swing or a Right-sided Swing or any other Golf swing. If you don’t know your client has a physical problem you shouldn’t be creating a new swing. I believe that all Golfers should use to analyze their body to improve their swings."

Kind Regards, Roger Podmore Master Golf Teacher and Golf Biomechanics Specialist Aussie Golf Solutions

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