How to Get Longer Golf Drives in Days

How to Get Longer Golf Drives in DaysClick Image To Visit SiteWhat’s the secret to hitting longer drives?; Well, quite simply it is a matter of club head speed – and club head speed is ultimately determined by how quickly your muscles respond and contract. Pure strength may make you stronger, but it won’t maximize your speed. In fact, training to increase your strength could actually make you slower.

Remember your physics class: Force = Mass times Acceleration. What that means is that the faster you can accelerate your golf swing, the more force will be applied to the ball, and the farther it will travel. It is simple math, and it works every time.

You have before you the most highly effective and easy to use golf swing speed training program available on the market today. How easy?? After just 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week for just 2 weeks, you will be driving the ball farther than ever before.

How it works: Your muscles consist of basically two types of fibers – Fast and Slow. The slow twitch fibers are responsible for strength and repetition of movement. The fast twitch muscle fibers are responsible for the speed of muscular contraction, and a fast twitch response is the ability of a muscle to rapidly contract to a specific distance over a short period of time.

By developing your fast twitch muscle fibers, perhaps now for the first time, you will increase the contraction velocity of the muscles in your back, shoulders, hips, arms and wrists – the result is always greater club head speed and power and longer drives and shots.

The type of muscle speed we are talking about can not be acheived with strength or endurance training, that is, with weights and repetitions. It will never be obtained with brute strength. Being stronger does not mean being faster. High levels… Read more…