Longshot King

Longshot KingClick Image To Visit SiteHave you ever tried betting systems or services and been let down or been given mis-information? Have you failed to make a consistent profit from your Betting?

Well, I’ll tell you right now that it is possible – but only if you abandon all of these "hidden" Betfair sytems and focus on value and higher class racing. And today I am going to let you try this out for yourself

You’re about to get access to my membership service which has in the last 20 months generated an SR (Strike Rate) of 18.98% and an ROI (Return on Investment) of 21.60% on level stakes but more importantly an ROI of 548% based on your starting bank

Yes if you had started with a bank of just 100 points then that bank would have risen to more than 548 points. A good return in anybodys experience.

I finally found and fine tuned a system that has been proven to generate gross profits of 0.36 points for every single selection and we have now given out just over 1500 selections and let me tell you this has worked consistently for 20 months so I know this can work for you too.

Well we have a proven strike rate of 18.98% on all selections so you are looking at roughly 1 in 5 selections returning a profit and with a total level stakes profit of 548.14 Points to Level Stakes……..Well you do the Maths.

You too can make GBP 54, 814 to level stakes profits………………Crikey there are not many people who can afford 100 GBP per selection………….

NO! If you are a smaller punter, you know pounds, fivers and tenners then I am sure you see the potential. Even if your stakes were GBP5 per point… Read more…