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Perfect Putting Formula - EasyPars.comClick Image To Visit SiteIn fact, practice can sometimes make an average putter worse. If you do not know how to practice properly, then you are better off sitting on the couch, watching TV. At least then you aren’t making yourself worse!

In fact, you are going to be shocked at how easy it is to become a REALLY good putter. Why? Because there is no natural talent with putting. You can be a good putter no matter if you are young, old, tall, short, male, female, atheltic, or out of shape.

Want more good news? I can improve your putting without you even having to practice! This is one of the secrets inside of my Perfect Putting Formula and it involves maximizing your learning ability while hitting putts out on the course.

Now, you won’t improve nearly as fast and you won’t be nearly as good as you possibly could be without practicing, but the time you need to spend to become a REALLY good putter? Only around 15 minutes per day. 15 minutes following the advice in my book and you can really start to see results, but don’t just take my word for it.

Plus, you don’t want to miss our complete list of putting drills. You not only learn what drills will instill the proper mechanics into your stroke, but also drills that will teach you to make more putts with the flawed stroke you currently have!

As a special bonus I have included FOUR checklists you can fold up and take with you to the course. They are the: 5 Rules of Practice, 4 Steps to Reading Greens, 3 Steps to Executing the Putt, and the Checklist of Proper Mechanics.

The average teaching professional costs $75 per hour. My book features enough information that it would take you at… Read more…