Play College Golf Golf Scholarships Expert

Play College Golf Golf Scholarships ExpertClick Image To Visit Site"This eBook is a very comprehensive guide to help all parents and their children successfully navigate through the college recruiting process." – Pat Obrien

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Ok Parents, this book was written just as much for you as the one you’re reading it for. Learn the do’s and dont’s for parents of junior golfers that will help propel your son/daughter to reach their max potential.

Within the book you also get a list of phone, email, and address information for every men’s & women’s college golf program in the country. A $20 value.

Learn how you can increase your number of scholarship offers and the dollar amount awarded. If you don’t know the key factors to look for, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars a year.

Travis is a former Division I college golfer. For the past few years he has been advising junior golfers and parents on both how to prepare for college golf and ways to promote junior golfers to college golf coaches. Travis’ skills and knowledge of college golf and recruiting have given him the opportunity to impact the lives of many junior golfers aspiring to play golf in college.

"Understanding that you need to be proactive is the best piece of advice for any junior golfer wanting to play golf in college" Read more…