Stop making this common putting mistakes and start putting great.

Stop making this common putting mistakes and start putting great.Click Image To Visit SiteFocusing on making a perfect putting stroke will inhibit feel and take your mind of the main objective… which is the target!

“A good stroke is the result of a relaxed body joined to an attentive mind following a dependable pre-shot routine.”

What do you think a hunter is thinking about when he throws a spear at an animal? Do you think he is

thinking about taking is elbow back above his ear, making a 35 degree angle between forearm and bicep, whilst rotating shoulders 90 degrees, before releasing the spear and making sure his weight is transferred onto his front foot, whilst holding perfect form?…

…If he thinks like this, he and his family will starve. I think not, he is totally focused on lining up the animal and throwing the spear at a precise spot on the animal; end of story, B.B.Q dinner here we come!

Once you start getting more focused on the target – and less on technique, you will start holing loads of putts.

Cross-hand-grips, claw-grips and belly-putters are all fine and good tools to help you develop a pendulum stroke. But don’t neglect the other (more important) factors like: visualization, routine, and confidence by being too focused on the type of putter and grip you are using.

No Sir, buying a new putter or changing putters all the time is like purchasing the “Miracle-Abs-Cruncher” or the “Magic-Diet-Pill” to lose weight. Do lean, strong, healthy people use these “quick-fix” products (dreamed up by marketers) to develop their bodies?…

…Of course not, it is the same with putters; they are simply tools to express what the mind is thinking and feeling. The mind connects with the body, the body connects with the putter and… Read more…