Stop Slicing #1 Golf Instruction program to stop slicing

Stop Slicing #1 Golf Instruction program to stop slicingClick Image To Visit Site"Completing this program has increased my distance a lot with all my clubs from wedge to the driver. With the driver I have gained 35 yards. I used to hit 3 or 4 fairways per round if I was lucky. Now I hit 8 or 9 on average. After following the Stop Slicing program I have dropped 8 strokes from my scoring average and I have more confidence than ever with my driver. I never realized until I followed the 7 Step Stop Slicing Program how important the proper setup and pre-shot routine were to a good golf swing."

Most golfers swing from outside to the inside, even though they may not realize it. If you do not believe this go to the tee of any par three hole and look at the divots. Over 80% of them will be angled to the left. Thats the telltale sign of an outide to inside swing. Now, have you checked the direction of your divots. Are they angled to the left?

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