The Golf Nut’s Golf Program- Lower your golf scores

The Golf Nut's Golf Program- Lower your golf scoresClick Image To Visit Site"Georgia Golfer Stuns Golf Industry…With Proof That You Can Cut 10 Strokes From Your Game Almost Immediately…Without Expensive Lessons or Long Hours On The Practice Range…"

I have known David for 15 years and his results are tremendous. Everything he does is simple and straightforward, but very effective. His program is designed for the average golfer and it just flat out works.

Dale Dover Golf Coach Darton College– 3 time NCJAA National Champions (2005, 2006, 2007)

If you are interested in shooting lower golf scores, eliminating long hours of hitting balls on the practice range, and hitting your golf shots longer and straighter, this will be the most important letter your will ever read.

Here’s what it’s all about: My name is David Stargel and let my tell you my story. I didn’t grow up playing golf, I learned golf as an adult. And immediately I was hooked. I just fell in love with the game. And I immediately set out to improve my golf game

And I believed what the golf industry told me: To get better, you need to take lessons and practice. Practice and hit golf balls at the driving range. Then keep practicing and taking lessons until you have developed a mechanically sound golf swing.

So I set out to do just that. I literally went off the deep end about golf. In fact, I became such a golf nut that in addition to taking golf lessons and going to the driving range all the time, I also had not one, but two practice bags of golf balls that I would take out back and pound away after supper.

I took lesson after lesson, doing everything my "golf guru", the teaching pro told me. I even flew across the country to a week long… Read more…