The Golf Swing Speed Challenge – Swing Faster – Hit Longer Drives

The Golf Swing Speed Challenge - Swing Faster - Hit Longer DrivesClick Image To Visit Site“How A 37 Year Old Working Man (With A Young Family) Added 44.3 Yards To His Drives In Just 56 Days Without Practice…And How You Can Do It Too…”

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Just think.  How good would life be…if you could hit your drives at least 40 yards further than you are now….and straighter too….

What if the next game you played you were about 40 yards longer off the tee than you were the last time you played?

You see, I work full time, have a young family and play golf about once a month but when I do get out to play I like to hit long drives.

But even though I’m young and very fit the fact was, I was only hitting my drives about 230 yards when I got out to play.  I was not happy with that so I decided to do some research into ways to hit the ball further, and I found the following 3 ways…

I don’t have the time to spend hours changing my swing and practicing so that was out.  And I didn’t have hundreds and hundreds of dollars spare to go buying top of the line, custom fitted drivers.  All my spare money was going on baby gear and other family “essentials”.  So the only option I had was to increase clubhead speed.

And I found from my research that for every 1 mph of clubhead speed you gain you get 2.2. yards in extra distance. Here’s a graph of swing speed stats that clearly shows the faster you swing the further the ball goes.

So after finding this out, I… Read more…